Why You Are Feeling So Stuck (and What to Do About It)

Reinvention is not always about the new, sometimes it’s rediscovering the old

Selali Onuoha


Photo credit: Valentin Antonucci

The world is changing at warp speeds lately. A global pandemic has redefined priorities. The definition of work is in flux. The digital world is growing: VR & AR, Blockchain, IoT, 5G.

It is normal to feel a bit like you’re in one of those freeze-frame shots — everything around you is moving at a lightning pace while you’re standing in the same spot.

There is a real sense that age-old structures are being tested in a tangible way in 2021.

Say whatever you want about familiarity but it gives us a sense of safety and predictability.

The converse puts us on shaky ground and can cause that seize up in our senses. Like a deer caught in the headlights, unable to decide between flight or fight.

You are in great company if you’re feeling a little like you’ve got concrete down your pants this year.

Don’t panic.

Your experience is currently shared by lots of folks all over the world.

This year I have had 4 sets of friends relocate countries. 15 people — including myself — that I have changed long-held jobs.

Change is in the air.

Your reaction to this might be a feeling of being stuck. Not being sure what move to make next.

I certainly felt that way at the start of the year.

Perhaps these six tips will help you hop out of your rut and get back in the game.

1 — Start small, find quick wins

The last thing you want to be doing when you’re stuck is tackling a major and complicated project.

Do the small things that are manageable and can get you into a forward-moving mindset.

Build up your momentum by replying to emails, texting your friend back, organizing that drawer or finishing that draft document.

Completing smaller tasks can give you the needed psychological boost to reach for more complex ones.

2 — Build up your energy



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