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6 Signs To Look For When It’s Time For A Change

Staying past your due date is wasting time you’ll never get back


Appreciate what you have — we all learn that lesson sooner or later. Especially when said possession is good (or was good).

As you get older that starts to rings truer — you lose homes, friends and family. Whole sections of your life become non-recognisable with time and all you want to do is hold on to things.

The younger me was shockingly callous. I was thoughtless about throwing away whatever was in my hands to get to the next thing. The next thing was always going to be bigger and better. It was going to be all that I wanted and more.

The older, wiser me knows that few good things come easy. My hands have become vice grips — securing everything I value. Best believe I’m squeezing out every last spray of joy I can from them, and even after that.

I hate my job. So what? Stick it out, unemployment is a b*tch.

I’ve fallen out of love with my husband. And? Suck it up, loneliness is a b*tch.

This situation makes me feel like I’m drowning. Good, least you got water. Stop being a little b*tch.

Settling for a life of unhappiness can sneak up on a body. Ironically, the better the start the more likely it is that you miss the signals that tell you that the end is near.

The memories of good times make it easier to justify the lies you tell yourself. Add to that, because you got so lucky it’s hard to believe lightning will strike again twice.

This is how we end up staying past time to pack up and move on.

If you have ever overstayed your welcome in any situation — job, marriage, friendship — you know the devastation of holding on for too long. The sourness. The bitterness. The soul-sucking tedium of fighting an uphill battle that you know deep down you’ve already lost.

I’ve been there — many times — and it’s not worth it. It will suck all the joy out of you and spit you out the other side.

If you’re constantly doing all the heavy lifting. If a person or group of persons or situation is unwilling to meet you the minimum distance of halfway, it’s…



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